40 New Bathroom Vanities That Overflow With Style Ideas

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Bathroom vanity has several functions, mainly for storage and keeping the things. It is useful furniture that every bathroom must have. You can find interesting bathroom vanity idea which is capable to be implemented into your own. The idea comes from simple to the fancy and complex design. You just need to choose the one that’s compatible and applicable to be in your bathroom.

Before exploring more about idea, you should consider the space and function. Some houses are big enough to have vast bathroom. More space will give many choices. In fact, you do not have to worry about the crowded space. On contrary, the situation is different if the bathroom has limited space. It does not mean you cannot put vanity. As long as the design and size can match, small bathroom looks excellent and good with relevant and proper vanity. This is when you consider functionality. You can choose vanity only to support your activity. Even though the space is big and vast, the effective and efficient space management is still important factor to implement bathroom vanity idea.

You may start from wooden vanity with several drawers, cabinets, and single sink. This vanity is like furniture for all you can do. The drawer will be for your small and personal stuffs. The cabinet is for bathroom utensils or the extra clean cloth. Meanwhile, the sink with faucet is for cleaning your hands or just fresh up your make up properly. In general, this type of vanity is much functional without losing esthetic that comes from wooden material and pattern. One thing you should consider before installing this vanity is the area that should be less wet with low humidity.

Some ideas for bathroom vanity are interesting yet practical. You may consider having integrated vanity installed directly on the wall. This one is like permanent cabinet. If you like something practical and portable, you should pick bathroom vanity idea with rolling and fixing wheel. This furniture can move around but still stable.

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