86+ Stunning Quirky Decor That Will Make Your House Amazing


Understandably, most homeowners wish to have amazing looking resident to be proud of. They are trying various different methods to make their house looking stunning. Oftentimes, though, conventional furniture and decorations are unable to bring you the desired effect. If you want it, you will be better off trying plenty quirky decor options that will be mentioned in this passage. Such decor will not only enrich the aesthetic of your room. It is going to personalize your house as well.

The first idea would be customizing your pillow covers. You can purchase plain pillow covers and then add your own embellishments to them. They can be in the form of animal shaped details made of flannel or other things you find interesting. If sewing is too taxing for you, you can splurge and custom-print your favorite patterns onto the pillow covers. Another idea is to purchase pillow covers with printed quotes on them. They are readily available in various online stores at affordable price. You should choose quotes that are witty and really represent your personality.

The next quirky decor idea that you ought to try is ornamental plant. You can place some potted plants around various areas in your house. Such decorum will not only brighten your space. It also makes your house more refreshed. You should not be satisfied with just placing potted plants around the house. It is important to choose perfect vessels for you beloved living decorations. You can purchase various unique pots from online vendors. It is possible to use non-conventional items such as broken mugs or teacups as makeshift pots for smaller plants.

1. Things Book Lovers

source : www.popsugar.com

Another idea for quirky decor would be making a hall of adventure where you can hang trinkets you brought back from trips to various destinations. Arrange a specific set of floating shelves for you to place your trinkets. It would not only be a great decoration. You can memorize your fun trips just by looking at it.

2. The right quirky decor idea

image source : https://www.quotemaster.org/Foyers

For those of you who like simple designs and like to read books. The right quirky decor idea is with a neat and simple decorating design make sure your home is more memorable without reducing modernity. Decoration with a sign that says motivation or words you like is accompanied by a simple desk chair and a book placed up there neatly will make an elegant impression to the side of your house. You can see the pictures and designs that are already here. Happy to explore!

3. Stick Figure Hanging Light

image source : https://webcodeshools.com/

Maybe in decorating your home you are often bored with models that are so-so. This one quirky decor idea you can try to beautify your home. Design decoration that is very unique and easy to apply, it is suitable for your home decoration lights. How unique is it not? Hope you are happy.

4 A cloche of books

image source : thecottagemarket.com

The next decoration that makes you stunned is this one. For those of you who love books, maybe this is a quirky decor idea that is very suitable to be applied in your home. This design is very unique and suitable to be placed in your favorite room. Designs that use a tube to protect books that may have been old but provide aesthetic value to you.

5. Wire Whisk Candle Holders

source : https://www.topinspired.com/diy-hanging-candle-holders/

Lights that hang with “sponge shaker”. Maybe you can’t imagine this would happen. But you can’t lie that this is a very elegant quirky decor idea. In fact this is not a lamp but ordinary small candles as aromatherapy candles can also be ordinary candles. Do not rule out the possibility you make it yourself at home. Create your elegant impression at home through this decoration

6. Flower Vase Decoration

source : https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32848831674.html

Are you bored with flower vases like that? We offer a quirky decor idea that presents a unique flower vase decoration.

7. Stormtrooper Pot Planter

source : https://www.etsy.com/uk/market/stormtrooper

Not much different from the previous concept here only more unique for you to find your kartoon character with different things for the side of your house. With flower decoration on the head of your cartoon character, the house is guaranteed to be more memorable

8. Front Door Colour

Source : https://merinohomes.com.au/kerb-side-appeal-first-impressions-count/

We have an interesting idea for your home decor. This one quirky décor idea is very simple. Rarely do you decorate the door of a house. Maybe this suits you

9. Unicorn Flatware

source : https://www.oddee.com/item_100011.aspx

Toilets are places that are rarely covered by home decor. We provide simple and brilliant quirky decor ideas. You should try this. Of course you don’t have to bother. Maybe you often find monotonous tissue containers try with new ones.

10. Space learning table

source : https://weheartit.com/entry/255481672

Once imagined learning was accompanied by the moon and other celestial bodies. It can load your brain more brilliantly. We present a super quirky decor idea. You are guaranteed to be happy

11. Cuckoo Clock

source : https://www.welke.nl/popular/koekoeksklokken

This one design is very beautiful and very suitable to be your favorite decoration in your home

This design is very attractive and suitable to be placed in the living room to make your guests impressed and can also be placed in the family room to add to the impression of happiness when you gather with family.

12. Toothbrush Container

source : www.pinterest.com

Have you ever thought about decorating a bathroom? We don’t think it’s a bad thing. No need to be complicated you just replace the place to put a toothbrush and toiletries in a different container. Like the quirky decor that we created. Beautiful and simple right?

13. Art in the Bathroom

source: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/art-in-the-bath-1-156931

Still around the decoration on the toilet. There’s nothing wrong with you trying this. You can place lots of pictures there for different environments in the toilet. Like the quirky decor that we created

14.Bee Curtain Tie Holder

source : https://sheholdsdearly.com/8-bee-themed-gift-ideas/

use bees or beetles for your home decor. But don’t beetle that endangers you. We have a quirky decor idea for you that is simple but beautiful. Just put it in the curtain of your window.

15. Colorful Kitchen

source: pinterest.com

colorful kitchen is no less interesting. Create excitement in your kitchen. This is part of the quirky decor

16. Head Candy Dish

source: pinterest.com

this one design might look very serious. But this one side you can try at home

17. Simple Library

source: pinterest.com

a simple but luxurious library. Create a different reading atmosphere. Usually in the library there is a chair that is there to lie down and relax.

18. Shower Tile Design

source: pinterest.com

Maybe the first time you see this decoration is confused and you rarely find it out there. Yes this is really unique.

Are you interested in putting it in your home? We hope this one decoration will help you.

19 DIY Knife Block

source: pinterest.com

This is a decorating idea for you nerdy. All ornaments in your house must be nuanced by books. How not this thing you love

You can use it for decoration in the kitchen. Very unique and rarely do people do it.

20. bookshelves

source: pinterest.com

pay attention. We really care about your home space. Here there is a decoration that is very simple and contains many things. And certainly not far from beautiful

21. minimalist Kitchen

source: pinterest.com

decorating a kitchen to a minimum is probably one of your dreams. We create good ideas applied

22. Aesthetics Kitchen

source: pinterest.com

Seashell chairs are the name for this decoration. This chair has aesthetics and suitable placed anywhere either in the living room or in the family room or in the room can.

You can put it wherever you like. Choose the color that suits you best.

Even though the decor ideas are simple but believe me this is very influential on your room

23. Candle Decor

source: pinterest.com

This decoration looks spooky for children. But for you lovers of shades of black and elegance

This one decor idea is perfect for you. Look at the octopus wrapped around the glowing candle combined with the nuances of your favorite wall

Very beautiful for you right?

24. Fireplace Decor

source: pinterest.com

this decoration will always remind you of winter. In winter there will always be a stack of wood that will turn into your warmth

For sure your chimney is designed to your liking. This decoration is a decorating idea that blends winter and colorful themes.

25. Paper Picker

source: pinterest.com

if you usually open this in an office file or a mini-size institution

Now in your house you find it in giant size. Yes a giant paper picker can be your home’s unique decoration.

This decor is a decorating idea that isn’t bad right?


source: pinterest.com

What is your first impression when you see this decoration? Of course it is very beautiful and elegant not to be applied in your home.

Everyone will be amazed by the decoration of your quirky decor and your morning or evening when you wash your face there will be a different impression.

27. Elegan Dining Room

source: pinterest.com

Elegant decoration and perfect for your cafe. But it does not rule out the possibility of applying this decoration idea at home

For the dining room is perfect. What do you think?

28. Casual Dining Room

source: pinterest.com

Around the dining room. For those of you who like a casual dining room but still unique and impressive maybe this is the decor idea that is right for you

You only need a map of the world to complete your simple and casual space.

29. Snitch in a jar

source: pinterest.com

No need for excessive decoration to make your home look memorable.

Look at this decoration. Try to imagine if you put it in your house. Very simple and certainly you don’t need much money for a beautiful decoration.

30. Side Ladder

source: pinterest.com

Don’t be too confused to think about the shape of the shelf that will be used for home decoration. Continuous staircase is probably a quirky decor idea that answers your problem about a rack that has always looked monotonous

This side ladder is used for the shelves in the ideas we use for some flowers and posters. You can be creative at will.

31. Domino Clock

source: pinterest.com

Domino clock is a solution for you lovers of the clock as well as for those of you who want a different atmosphere in your home.

Our quirky decorating ideas are very simple and don’t throw away a unique impression.

32. Baloon Dog Bookend

source: pinterest.com

Tiny and adorable. Maybe at first you thought these items were seen could not be used but this is a quirky decorating idea that you should try.

33. Blue Kids Room

source: pinterest.com

Hello cute animals. This is how your room feels if you use this decoration

You can always be greeted by cute animals that you love and love you. And elegant rooms will add to your more comfortable at home.

34. Jewel Tone Living Room Decor

This quirky decoration idea might be a bit crowded, seen from the carpet,

But don’t just focus on it but also focus on other impressive things in this decoration. Pastel colors and other furniture combinations will definitely make your home more beautiful.

35. Attic Loft Bedroom

This decoration is pretty good right? In the attic of your house, you magic is beautiful.

This quirky decorating idea is perfect for you to apply.

36. antique hand washing place

This antique hand washing place might be one of the most revitalized in quirky decor designs.

The decoration that completes it is very beautiful in view and certainly very elegant when installed at home.

37. Stairs Music

Now this one decoration is suitable for you music lovers. Just imagine every time you climb and pass the stairs you are making a rhythm and the stairs emit music.

Interested in trying this quirky decor? Good luck.


For those of you chemists or laboratories, you must be familiar with this one thing. But you will be surprised to find this object being used as a home decoration.

In this quirky decor concept keep your test tube.

39. Test Tube Spike Rack

What about the paintings of family members painted on ceramic media like that? Interesting and good isn’t it. This is worth trying at home. You can customize the decoration arrangement yourself. This quirky decor only gives references.

40. Coffee Table Living Room

Decoration suitable for young people in this modern era. By referring to the quirky idea of ​​this decoration you can explore your decorations more.

41. Red Bookcase

There is no harm if your book shelf is given a natural touch like a plant. In this quirky decor you can see how this gives you a new idea.

42. Classic Dining Room

How do you view this dining room decor? It looks classic but doesn’t leave a modern impression.

Interested in trying this idea?

43. Pillow Book Cover

We give you the view that good decoration does not need to be immersive and crowded. Many people assume that decoration must stand out.

44. White decoration

For all-white themes maybe this decoration is the right decoration for you.

Simple enough open? So that it’s not too monotonous to add just the writing that’s already very good.

45. quirky Toilet Decor

Your view when you see this decoration is definitely very impressed.

This can be the most comfortable toilet. You can apply our quirky decor ideas.

  1. ​​Unique Bathtube Decor

for those of you who take a bath and feel lonely. Maybe this little friend can accompany your bath time.

Very unique and creative  quirky decor ideas that we offer. Of course this bathtub decoration is rarely and most unique ever.

47. Wall to Wall Arts

This decoration is perfect for a minimalist home. If you have a house that is not too wide and confusion put your favorite books.

This idea is very good to use. The ornaments used are quite simple, only a few pieces of the board are arranged in such a way as to form a shelf and put your favorite books

To add aesthetics you can also put paintings and some plants either fake plants or native plants.

48. Ceramic Crafts

For those of you who are confused about arranging ornaments that are suitable for your living room maybe this is the solution.

In this idea only requires three types of ornaments for decoration. Ceramic crafts that have beautiful motifs will beautify your wall, the color of which has been adjusted.

Also put a closet that has several drawers to use as well as a container if needed and the last to beautify the decorative lights above the cabinet. Not very simple.

49. Custom Chairs

For decorating this one must be unique and full of aesthetics. You might be able to order or make a character motif chair.

You can adjust to your wishes. This costume chair can also be made a picture of family members. This costum chair idea besides adding a beautiful impression will also add to the impression of being crowded in your home.

50. Tea Cup Stool

Still regarding the constitution. This decoration will surely attract your attention. Just imagine if this good and unique decoration is in your home. On the basis of this decoration is very simple but the impression that is given is very interesting and very elegant without losing the casual effect.

How have you been more convinced to apply this quirky decor?

51. Incorporate Pet Items

For those of you who are hobbies of raising pets this design is perfect for you. Without reducing the space of your home your pet is guaranteed to get a very good place.

Besides this decoration like this if applied in your house you will add the impression of your minimalist home.

52. Feeling Paintings

Paintings that are unique and describe your feelings. To decorate a house is very good to put a painting that contains pictures or writings that represent your feelings.

This is useful for you to really be who you are at home. It would be better if it was a positive thing.

We have a unique example on this page that can be seen in the picture. Hope you are helped and stay excited.

53. Plant Decor at Home

Now it’s the turn of decoration for plant lovers. Out there are lots of references to decorating your garden at home.

But we have a unique, beautiful and certainly full of aesthetic ideas that make your friends more beautiful.

Make your plants receive fresh water from the rain of your creation. For the picture can be seen in the picture. We hope you are happy with reference to the decoration quirky for your plants at home.

54. Suitable Mini Kitchen

Other unique designs can be seen in the following decoration designs. Suitable also used in a mini kitchen or minibar in the middle of your house.

This decoration doesn’t take up a lot of space. This decoration is very simple and beautiful.

55. colored Ceramic wall Kitchen

If all this time the dishwasher in the kitchen is the place you hate the most because it is monotonous and added to the work of washing your dishes a lot.

We are here to provide a reference for you. We have a decorating quirky idea that can make your dishwasher look good and not make your emotions. In our idea we build a fresh landscape for your sink.

By choosing fresh colored ceramic-coated walls. And try to give a touch of flower plants to boost your good mood. And keep things that eat a lot of space around your sink. You can see in our picture.

56. Writing Wall Kitchen

Still around the kitchen decoration. If you are a housewife this decoration is a decoration that is perfect for you.

On the side of your kitchen wall provide a place for you to write. Your writing will be a unique decoration for you. The writing can also be written with a shopping list. Is this a good idea?

57. Simple Living Room

The decoration of the quirky in the living room is very important. We have many references to help you.

In this picture we try to make your living room as comfortable as possible but still with a simple concept.

This decoration is also multifunctional as your lounge.

58. Small Table

A small table is often an option for you to decorate your home. But for those of you who are still confused about choosing a complementary decoration or ornament for a small table in your home, maybe you can choose to follow our ideas. With flowers that are adjusted and also a small statue that is also aligned.

59. Large Paintings Walls

large paintings that you like or describe your feelings are often used.

New things can be done by combining them with toilet tissue ornaments. Very unique thing you don’t need to be complicated. Just arrange in the basket and place it accordingly.

60. Bathroom Soap

Other unique decorations can you apply to the soap in your bathroom or at your hand wash at home.

For reference you can see our ideas contained in the picture.

61. Girraffe Ornaments

If you have a wooden or miniature statue at home and you want to modify it. You can try this simple method.

Look at the idea that we created. We have giraffe ornaments, we only give rolls of tissue and put it in the giraffe’s neck. Simple.

62. Motifs Cupboard

If you have a try level cupboard, decorate in such a way as to decorate a room or other part of your house.

Diverse motifs will add aesthetics to your decor. Here we have provided examples to help you decorate your home. Happy creation.

63. Motifs Glass

The collection of various motifs of your cup or glass is very useful in creating a very unique and beautiful decoration in your home.

We pour this idea and share it with you. Please look at the picture.

64. Tissue Paper Rolls

We can use tissue paper rolls to decorate the house.

Can be attached to the wall. Ornamental or just put in a basket can add a beautiful impression.

We are very attentive to you, we pour decorating ideas at affordable prices and not make it complicated.

65. Washing Machine Decor

Who would have thought a washing machine would also be a good decoration in your home.

You can try our ideas. Used washing machines can be decorated and are conjured into very nice and modern decorations.

66. Cactus Plants

Cactus is very beautiful to make home decoration. Cactus can be placed on any side of our house including the kitchen and on the side of the sink

Try to maintain cactus plants of various types. But still be careful. Hopefully this reference from us really helps you.

67. Plant in a Cup

To put beautiful plants do not have to be in pots. We have the idea to put your plants in a cup that has many motives.

This is a very good decorating idea for you. But keep in mind not all the plants you put here. Look at the example and the results in the picture.

68. Mirror Theme

. To fill your toilet void maybe a thousand mirror themes can be applied. Not only that to fill your time in the toilet put books and flowers as a refresher.

You can imitate our idea. Please look at the picture

69. Dining Room Furniture

Installing decorations does not have to focus on furniture. Like the idea that we have is just by stretching the palm of the table with an unusual motif

Has displayed a different impression in your dining room.

70. jellyfish theme

The jellyfish theme is very cool for your home. This is a set of lights that are arranged with baigus.

If you see a picture we definitely have an interest in putting it in your home.

This is perfect for accompanying your night when you want to calm your mind.

71. Unique table

You must try a unique design table to decorate your home. The example is like the picture.

Very simple but has a high aesthetic value. What are you waiting for soon to decorate your house with this unique table.

72. Unusual flower vases

Unusual flower vases will add elegance to your flowers. Here is a flower vase with a heart.

For us this is very full of aesthetics and meaningful in.

You must try it at home.

73. casual Box shelves

Box shelves are one of the most popular for casual home-themed decorations.

On this shelf you can put things that are beautiful and your favorite.

74. Animal Ornaments

Cute ornaments are perfect for those of you who have small children.

They will be happy with cute and colorful decorations. You can take an example from us.

Please look at the picture.

75. Custom Ceramic Plates

Life encouraging ceramic plates. This is a simple ornament but it can be modified into a variety and very beautiful decoration.

Suitable put anywhere. Other than that it is also combined with other ornaments also suitable.

76. Rainbow lights

Rainbow lights. This will add color to your room. This decoration is very beautiful to look at at night.

This decoration will accompany your night with its light. Put it in your room so that it is always close to you.

77. Bathtub Message

For decorating this one may be very simple. But it doesn’t hurt if you try it.

This idea is not bad enough to try in your bathtub. This decoration can be modified with other messages that you like.

78. tableware

Various types of plants and various types of pots. Diversity is beautiful.

For decorating the diversity of plants and pots is very beautiful. Just put it on the table just the impression that was given was very strong.

79. To add to the uniqueness of the contents of your home, try the ideas we recommend. Plates, spoons, forks and knives that are tableware can be made into home decor.

Just decorate it. Naturally they will radiate beauty to you.

80. This tiny ornament is very suitable to make your home decoration especially in the back. In the bathroom you need decoration so that your bathroom doesn’t look boring.

Try ideas from us. This is very simple and not complicated for you.