115+ Best DIY Bar Cart Decor Ideas

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Doing a DIY project has several benefits for people who want to plan their space with specific designs, materials, and dimensions for their pieces of furniture. A store-bought furnishing is practical to buy, but sometimes they don’t offer enough of things that you want. Besides, you can cut some precious budget to save for other matters if you’re decided to create the furnishing on your own. Check out these DIY bar cart ideas to get the perfectly suitable bar cart with only fraction of purchased one’s cost.

Bar cart itself is a storage furniture that used to store the cocktail essentials. Sometimes, people also use it as statement piece of decoration. This versatile piece can be tucked into the tiny corner of the room and moved if necessary. Due to its small and flexible size, it is possible to put it in between the couches, pantries, or next to the kitchen island.

Steal some inspirations from the numerous DIY bar cart ideas below. They contain different styles and designs, but most will still incorporate the different elements of the furniture: tools storage for ice bucket, jigger, strainer, shaker; basic and extra boozed storage such as whiskey, tequila, rum, or Campari; mixers drink like soda, juice, tonic waters; and last but not least the serve-ware such as wineglasses, wine bucket, glasses, and decanter.

From the list of DIY bar cart ideas, you can learn on how to use the easy to find items such as wooden, pipes, or shelf and turn them into perfectly looking and functional decoration piece while having self-satisfaction. You may also learn how to build it from improving, recycling, or repurposing old cart into elegant furniture. These projects would be fun weekend activity with a little bit of skills, creativity, and imagination involved to create your ideal bar cart design.

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