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The living room is one room that you can explore in matters of decoration and renovation. Living room, like a bedroom, is a dynamic room and can change its design because it is easy to do. If you intend to redesign your living room, you can try the concept of dark grey living room ideas. You should not think that grey is a dull, gloomy or bland color. The grey color, if applied properly, will bring the concept of an elegant and stylish room.

In applying the concept of the living room with this grey color, the first thing you have to change is the wall paint. Choose, of course, paint the walls in dark grey. So that it’s not too dull, combine it with white at some points, like the color of the door or the color of the window frame. Using a roof with white color will also add strength to the color of the grey walls of your room. For the floor, use beige or light brown for a more beautiful contrast.

So that the modern and stylish impression of your dark grey living room ideas is maintained, avoid using accessories that are striking on the wall. Do not install decorations that are too many or too crowded in color. Choose a small amount of wall decor and have a combination of black, white, or grey.

Another step to avoid dull from the concept of grey in your living room, you can put some potted plants here. Plant green plants to increase freshness. To be in harmony, it is strongly recommended to use furniture colors (like sofas and tables) in grey but with a lighter tone. To add a little color, you can change your sofa cushion pillowcase into dark yellow, beige, or polka-dotted.

In the dark grey living room ideas application, you must also pay attention to the placement and size of the window. Use a window with a larger size or can face the sun directly. This is important so that the color of your room is more vibrant during the day.

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