115+ Creative Deck Design Ideas

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The deck is a part of a house. They are usually put in outdoor, whatever it is in the front of the house or in the backyard, but the deck is still merged with the house. The deck serves a lot of purposes, from relaxing to resting place. For the material, commonly, the deck using woods and lumbers as the floor. In this article, we will talk about deck design ideas.

Designing deck to be higher than the ground will remove the monotonous and flat impression in the big open room. The deck used for a place to entertain and mostly served by the close distance with the kitchen. Usually, there is a lounge below the deck. The scenery from the high deck also different than usual.

With the darker color of woods than the house wall, the deck will look more elegant. It is also suggested to use lighting to make the deck more beautiful and brighter. The long wooden bench also do the trick, it will be more perfect if you have a stove and place it in front of the bench.

In the deck design ideas, the deck's edges must not always be straight. You can also make them curved. To make it more unique, you should install a long curved bench that followed the edges. Talking about curved, you can also install curved stair and make two decks, one deck on the top floor, and one on below.

If your yard is more spacious, then your house will look more fun because of this deck. If it's not, then don't give up. You can still be doing more when it comes to deck design ideas. All you need is creativity and patience. So don't neglect your deck, because they are the most scenic place than any other place in your house.

image source : pinterest.com