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The ceiling is a part of a building in the house. Available at the top of the house, the ceiling not only has a function to protect the house from leakage but also to beautify our house. There are so many various ceiling designs that vary in many shapes and make the house look stunning.

From the ceiling material itself, there are so many designs of the ceiling which are amazing to apply in the house, such as made from wood, gypsum, and acian cement. Here are the ceiling ideas for the living room that you can you use as a reference.

For the minimalist houses, the ceiling that they use is more simple and multi-functions. This design commonly has a white color. This ceiling design not only has the function as a roof cover but also as the source of lighting. Sometimes the architects make a concept of hidden lighting so that the light can irradiate the room warmer and softer.

The other ceiling ideas for the living room is the one that is combined with the wood material. You can add some beams so that your ceiling will look different. Some of the beams are added into the ceiling to make the impression of an industrial house.

For the one who loves plain display without any ornament, maybe you can apply this plain ceiling design. This ceiling design is made from acian cement or plywood and then painted with the white paint color. While for the kid bedroom, maybe you can add a few elements such as a lamp and fan that become a unity in the middle of the room.

These are the list of ceiling ideas for the living room that you can use to beautify your home. With the correct design of the ceiling, then the whole rooms in your house will look more stunning and adorable. You can add your creativity if you have the other designs that attract your eyes.

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