146 Best Western Style Kitchen Decorations Ideas

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The rustic ambiance of Western interior design is on the rise these past few years. Homeowners adore this style because it looks simple, earthy, and elegant at the same time. If you are not keen on the idea of remodeling kitchen entirely, you can introduce Western style kitchen decorations bit by bit over the time to this space. Surprisingly, the decorations are doable and more importantly affordable.

You are encouraged to purchase some new dining wares to add into your collection. The most recommended one would be bowls, plates, or mugs made of clay. They will bring the earthy sense to the kitchen. Varied designs are available, from conventional pattern to eccentric and colorful one. You should utilize open cabinet to display your clay dining ware. This type of arrangement is going to improve the visual quality of your kitchen without having to try too hard.

The next idea for Western style kitchen decorations that’s also functional is using wooden crate for storage. You can create an arrangement, so the crate would be stacked on top of each other. It can be a great open pantry space. You can store the canned or jarred food items on the crate. You may also place fresh produce like fruits and vegetables there.

Metal jars to keep your pantry supplies are also great for functional decorations. You can opt for silver colors, but other bronze and rose gold would be great options too. It would be better if you place the jars on top of your kitchen counter, especially the ones filled with ingredients you utilize often (e.g.: sugar, salt, and pepper).

If you have extra budget to splurge, you can remodel the wall to an exposed brick wall. You can apply this on one side of kitchen walls instead of remodeling the entire space. This styling looks good and rustic. Just place various Western style kitchen decorations onto this accent wall.

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