40+ Minimalist Home Interiors Under 70 Square Metres Ideas

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Small home has pros and cons. You may have this one with affordable price and less maintenance. One issue is when you decorate and find proper interior layout. One of common idea is minimalist home interior that will be compatible to your home. This idea is at peak level due to people move in smaller house and apartment for more practical life. To decorate this one, you should know the best idea to implement.

Before going further, few things are important to understand about minimalist home decoration. Keep in mind minimalist is not less furniture or get rid of unwanted thing to obtain more space. Some people think small furniture and appliance will do better than big one in relatively small house. This idea comes from misunderstanding about minimalist, which is about minimum and small thing. There is no absolute mistake about this interpretation unless you pick the right composition before decorating your interior.

In addition, your home may look big and spacious, but only 70 square meters. Big appearance does not mean more space is available. You only need to apply white painting on the wall with the same color for the tile on the floor. This is the first thing you do when implementing minimalist home interior. White has been the best choice for minimalist interior. In fact, you can extend it into other rooms at the same house. After the room is ready, the next thing is furniture, such as sofa for living room, bed for bedroom, and dining set for dining room. From this point, the room function is more important before choosing the practical furniture.

You have two ideas to implement minimalist home interior. Firstly, pick furniture that can be attached into the wall, such as hanging shelves or cabinet. The vertical approach is the basic minimalist style if the room must have more furniture. Another idea is to pick the furniture with more than one function. The table can be storage and desk, even sitting place. One for many is the concept you should remember for minimalist interior idea.

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