65+ Awesome Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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Living in apartment that has limited spaces challenges us to arrange them to be not only visually attractive, but also incredibly functional. The most troublesome part in decorating small living rooms like in apartment is choosing the furniture. Wrong furniture will only stuck in your living room and leave no space to breath. Because of this reason, selecting multifunction furniture to fit the space is the key of apartment living room decorating ideas to maximize all of potential that the room got.

Therefore, saving the space is a matter here. You may consider to use wall-mounted shelves and to buy a floating desk. To save more floor space, use wall sconces and leaner tables. Club chairs or tight-back sofas will be the best option for the seating in your narrow living room.

If you got a narrow but long room, try to place the sofas in back-to-back position then you will get two areas for seating. Add a rug that larger than the sofa but doesn’t extend to the walls to give a visual effect that will make you feel like moving from one to another area in a large room.

Another apartment living room decorating ideas is exploring your living room’s best feature and accentuating it. Make it the focal point or the main focus to make the living room more appealing. For example, if the living room has one beautiful fireplace with great light, you can draw attention to it by playing with lighter colors that result an expansiveness sense.
For the room lighting, placing some different sources of lighting with different heights will create a feeling of a bigger room. To make it balance, use decorative items for apartment living room decorating ideas like putting mirrors, hanging piece of arts in gallery wall, or applying bold accent wallpapers.

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