30+ Amazing Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

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Graduation becomes the best moment for students after long hard work and study. In that day, they wear cap, usually called as graduation or academic cap. Mostly, you see it as black square one. That is the cap for official ceremony when you are officially graduated from school or college. On the other hand, you can add graduation cap decoration with interesting and unique design. This decoration or pattern is attached at the top of cap. People may not see it directly unless you put the cap in your hand.

Before deciding to decorate your cap, you should look forward whether such action is legal or not. In general, the cap for official graduation ceremony does not have any pattern. In fact, adding colorful pattern or any written directly on the cap is usually prohibited. You do not want to ruin your graduation day with something unnecessary and less formal, right? Therefore, the cap has to be clean and no decoration at all while you wear it during official session.

On contrary, you are free to do what you want including making graduation cap decoration. Ceremony is done and it is time to make something memorable during graduation day. You can add decoration with attractive pattern directly on your cap. At first, you may start from simple text or words. This is simple way to make the cap become more attractive. After that, you can expand it with picture or anything you like.

You can decorate this cap to show off your accomplishment. There is nothing wrong about such purpose. Everyone deserves some actions to express the feeling. Graduation is perfect time for making moment that will lasts longer for lifetime. You may also throw this cap and smile big then take photo for that moment. That’s why you should consider having graduation cap decoration. Of course, this session is after all the formalities have been completed.

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