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As we know, decorating the house is important. Even, some families change the decoration of the house regularly every some years. This is necessary to refresh the rooms. When the same styles are kept for years, it can make the things look boring and the rooms feel uncomfortable. However, redecorating the room may not be easy. That’s why there are some rustic furniture and decorating ideas. These can be the nice references.

The first idea is to have a new shelf in your house. The shelves are not only to arrange books or decorative items, so things can be look tidier. In fact, the shelves can be great part of decoration. Even, single shelf is the main attention in certain room to change the vibe. For the good example, there is nice shelf placed on the corner. The main part of shelf is made of wood trunk, and there are horizontal wood planks and bars that serve the functions to organize books and other goods.

Moreover, rustic can always be related to the natural element for the material of furniture. In this case, it is also possible to get the recycled items for decoration. For example, the lamp fixtures can be made of some recycled stuff. In this case, a woven rattan basket is created into part of hanging lamp fixture. When the rattan basket is no longer good enough, it can be used as one of the attractive rustic furniture and decorating ideas.

These are some of simple ways to decorate the house with rustic style or rustic furniture. In fact, it is not necessary to completely replace the furniture at home. Having simple and small change is enough to bring the rustic style to refresh the decoration. Of course, these rustic furniture and decorating ideas can be the references.

image source : pinterest.com

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