64+ Lovely Long Narrow Living Room Ideas

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The living room is one of the areas that holds many activities of family members. Having limited space is not an obstacle to creating an ideal living space. The long and narrow living room still can provide comfort. It’s not difficult to design a long narrow living room even though you’re not good at home interior design! Here are some long narrow living room ideas that can inspire you

The most important thing for limited space is don’t use many furniture in your living room. Choose a single sofa that is the same length as the length of the room. Put the sofa against the wall. You can save the living room space with this. If your small living room has a low ceiling, don’t choose furniture with dark colors.

Buy a ready-made or get the custom made coffee table with a unique design for your long narrow living room but don’t forget to adjust the color with the sofa and carpet. Choose a proportionally sized carpet for a small living room.

Another long narrow living room ideas are installing a few hanging shelves and add some arts on the wall that can decorate your wall space wisely. Wall shelves can be used for storage and decoration. You can put some books or small plants on the shelves. If you don’t want to use decoration for the wall, you can use wallpaper for the wall behind the sofa. It can make the wallpaper as the focal point and it keeps it minimal.

Create a colorful gallery wall is also a good way to make your room more beautiful and it will draw the attention away from the small space. However, don’t fill the wall from top to bottom with a whole bunch of art. Just use a simple gallery wall and don’t go with art that’s too big. It’s a great opportunity to create a beautiful focal point and bring out your personality through the photos that you select.

Those are some long narrow living room ideas that you can try. Put some of your creativity to make a lovely living room. Good luck!

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