10+ Nice Open Kitchen Shelves Ideas

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The kitchen is the busiest area in the house. In this area, we can do various food cooking activities. To be able to support these activities, then we also need a variety of cooking utensils in our kitchen. The kitchen shelf becomes furniture that must be in the kitchen to store equipment and various cooking ingredients in the kitchen.

From so many types of kitchen shelves, kitchen shelves that are very simple and facilitate our movement in the kitchen are open kitchen shelves. This rack is not the same as other shelves, which have a door cover or wall divider. This rack only uses the base as a shelf and there are no other restrictions.

This rack looks very simple and is perfect for you who are very mobile when in the kitchen. Although the shape is simple and simple, this open kitchen rack is no less interesting than the other kitchen shelves. A house with a minimalist concept often relies on kitchen racks like this. Because the use of shelves for kitchens like this is indeed very suitable to adjust to the minimalist home concept.

If you apply the concept ideas from kitchen shelves like this, then you can design your kitchen in a minimalist way and also cut down the extra costs of just buying a cupboard to place in the kitchen. Because, because of the level and shape that is simple and simple, of course, the price is cheaper than other kitchen shelves like a closed-form.

The thing you need to consider before using a kitchen rack like this open kitchen rack is to try to place it vertically so it doesn't take up much space. Then also try not to add various decoration materials in your kitchen. Just optimize it as a place to put various cooking utensils that you can easily access later when you want to use it.

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