10 Rural Kitchen Cabinets to Pine For Ideas

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Are you thinking about remodeling your boring kitchen space? Changing the cabinet would be a nice way to do it. The current trend seems to be heading toward modern and minimalist style. However, if you are not interested in such style, you can opt for rural kitchen cabinets. This cabinet style is something that you would find in huts or cabins in the woods. It looks rustic, earthy, and most definitely charming.

If you want to switch your old cabinets to rural kitchen cabinets, choosing the right material is important. You need to opt for high quality hardwood for this task. It is because rural style furniture needs to be hardy and tough. The finishing chosen for the cabinets need to be natural as well. That will incorporate the rustic feeling that you want to emulate in your kitchen. You can shop for antique hardware to complete the look of your kitchen.

You can install various things to complete your remodeled kitchen. Strong metal hooks to hang your pots and pans would be great. They will help organizing your kitchen so the inside of your cabinet is not too crowded. Some homeowners even install wine storing cabinet in similar rustic style. If you live in controlled temperature, storing your wine in open cabinet like this is fine. In fact, your wine collection adds to your kitchen’s charm. Antique sink is also another way to elevate the design of your kitchen. You can purchase the hardware from secondhand material stores.

For the lighting, you can opt for traditional style lighting like overhead chandelier. However, that might not be sufficient to lit up your entire kitchen. You can always install LED lights on the sides of your rural kitchen cabinets. It will not look out of place as long as you keep the light tone in warm color. The brightness should not be too harsh either.

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