95+ Amazing Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

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The rustic kitchen design ideas deliver a warm and inviting room. Play with mixed combination from wood and modern material it makes a rustic kitchen becomes one of the most popular styles for kitchen interior design. There are some elements that you can use to create rustic kitchen ideas. For example, wood flooring, iron wrought decor, stainless steel utensils, and many more.

For you who do not want to play with too much existence of wood in the kitchen, then you can try to install a large wood beam accent in ceiling and wall to define rustic kitchen design ideas. The beam in the ceiling looks contrast with the white ceiling also with the beam in mid of wall width.

You also can work with several items in the kitchen to create rustic styles such as doorknobs, hooks, and grips in kitchen hardware. Try these simple DIY rustic hang utensils by mix wood base and wrought pipe. Put hooks and install in a wall to make a decorative item or as hanger utensils. The wood kitchen island is another element that easily adds rustic style.

The touch of natural stones in the kitchen wall and pillar that attached mix and match with wood elements in the door, cabinet kitchen and island can be a great combination to create a rustic kitchen as well as simple to do. Simple wood shelves just from the wood beam in the wall are simple and easy to install by you.

In a kitchen designed with a dining table, choose this simple wood dining set. A dark cherry wood furniture with length chair that the same length with the table is simple and efficient. It can be stored under the table when not in use.

The old antique wood chair is also a simple element to add in rustic kitchen design ideas style. The lighting option starts from an industrial pendant, the chandelier wrought pendant, or the lighting path. It depends on the rustic style you want to reveal.

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