75+ Good Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover Idea

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Farmhouse kitchen makeover ideas are various. But basically, the farmhouse kitchen makeover shares the same element as the country kitchen style, it is wood. Wood representing the nature and life elements, which give us warm air and comfiness at the same time, but in a certain time, wood gives cool and fresh air.

Same but also different as country style kitchen, farmhouse kitchen makeover need a lot of woods. Instead of hiring someone professional, you can design your own DIY farmhouse kitchen makeover. DIY kitchen is basically made from cheap woods but reinforced by yourself to make them look more expensive. All you need is creativity.

As a start, you should look for cheap woods first to make wall-attached racks and open shelves. You should consider it to buy thick and strong woods, so the racks and shelves can withstand anything above them.

Second, reinforce and process the wood into furniture. You can look for carpenters around your neighborhood to reinforce them, especially on the edges. They are usually cheaper than hiring the expert and professional interior designers. After reinforcing the woods, you can turn the wood into furniture such as cabinets, drawers, tables, chairs, and many more. You can also make engravement on the woods for additional decorations.

Third, installing the reinforced. You will need some manpower help and some tools to make a farmhouse kitchen makeover. Installing the cabinets, wall-attached racks, and open shelves will be easier if you have someone around to help you. The rest of the design layout is up to you.

Maintaining wood furniture in the farmhouse kitchen makeover is easy, but also depends on the climate, weather, and such. It’s suggested to avoid them from damp conditions because termites can destroy the furniture slowly, so always expose your wooden furniture to the sunlight. Molds also live in damp woods, because of that, you should varnish the woods with high-quality varnish paint and also expose them to the sunlight.

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