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Decorating a room will always be a pleasant moment. That is because you can freely express yourself by giving something that you like in various rooms. One of the most used decoration accessories is the wall hanging. Wall hanging is a favorite because it consists of various sizes, various shapes, various types of materials, various colors, and various concepts. So, the wall hanging is the most "safe" decoration because it can fulfill what you want.

Wall hanging you can easily buy at decoration shops or you can make your own. However, for a deeper impression, you better make it yourself because it is very easy. The first thing to understand is that wall hanging can be made from anything, even from objects around you. You can use pieces of wood, fabric, knitting yarn, resin, plastic, leaves, shells, etc. Choose the concept of your home.

In addition to the material used, the size of the wall hanging can also be determined. You can make it with a large and long size, such as curtains made of shells in front of a door or window. You can also make a wall hanging with a normal size, such as wall hangings in general. After that, you can determine what type of wall hanging you want to make and use as decoration. You can be creative with a variety of materials that you will use to create a wall hanging.

The color selection of the wall hanging that you will use is also important to think about. Choose the color that matches the concept used in the room you are going to place the hanging wall. For materials that are only available in 1 color such as wood, you can use paint to give different effects and colors to the wood. If you want a practical wall hanging, but still memorable, you can use plant pots as your decoration. You can hang it from the roof of the room or provide a special frame to place the pot on the wall.

image source : pinterest.com