65+ Rustic Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas

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Fall season is fast approaching, and you want to get into the spirit of it by decorating your home. There are many amazing ideas on decorating your house for the fall season, but nothing can top the farmhouse style. Not only is it on the trend, but it also creates a warm, cozy look that welcomes the house occupants to relax.

It is fun to decorate your house in warm brown, oranges and red in preparation for fall. You might be worried that it will be difficult to pull the farmhouse style off, but it is actually quite simple. Below are some rustic fall decor ideas that can be your inspiration in decorating your house.

Warm Fall-Themed Colors

The first thing that comes to attention is the color scheme. Since you decorate your house for fall, the color scheme must represent the season. The color palette for fall season gives off warm, earthly, and inviting feels. Focus on the earthly and warm shades of color, and the rest will follow soon after. You can use the classic red and orange tones or try other palettes like muted colors of pumpkin orange and dull greens.

Rustic Materials

Farmhouse is identical with rustic elements, so you will do well by bringing this up into your fall decor. This also has the warm vibe that you are trying to achieve. Use woven baskets, tartan throw pillows and blankets, and also wooden barrels to complete the look.

Fall Decor

Your house will not be completely fall farmhouse style themed if you do not use fall decor. First and foremost, add some pumpkins to your house. It helps creating the fall vibe tremendously. Use soft lighting by placing some lanterns at a few spots of the house. It would be even better if you add some warm spice scents like cinnamon and ginger; try using an aromatherapy candle or simply purchase a spice-scented spray.

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