90+ Best DIY Camper Van Conversion for Road Trip Vacation

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Van conversion is a fun and effective way to get your camper van to travel around during your holiday. However, it not easy and requires a lot of creativity and dedication. Here some DIY camper van conversion to help you decide how to build your camper.

First and foremost for your van is where you sleep, so let’s start with the bed! The platform bed is one of the most standard bed designs for the camper van. The bed had to fit between the backdoor and the kitchen area. A platform bed is easy to make and provides big space underneath for storage which it’s great for clothes, camp chairs, or travel tools.

The other important part of the camper van is the mini kitchen. It’s a crucial part in the camper van to live healthily and be able to cook you don’t need a spacious kitchen setup to create delectable food. You need to plan a kitchen layout that you’re excited to use. Use camper van kitchen sink to your van and use a gas camping stove for cooking.

Another DIY camper van is you can use a behind-the-door-organizer to hold kitchen supplies such as spices and oils. It’s a great way to stay organized and make use of vertical space. While you also can use the camper van kitchen sink to wash your clothes. Wash your clothes by hand is the best idea.

If you are traveling in the summertime, you can use a USB fan or chargeable fan to keep you cool on hot days. Besides that, you can use a pack of battery-powered light, solar-powered lantern, or LED-powered light to light your campervan at night.

The interior is another important thing to decor your camper van. You can use wallpaper on the walls to bring some colors to the van. Put a curtain for the windows to make your van look better.

I hope these DIY camper van can help you to convert your camper van. If you’re interested, let’s try!

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