21 Cool And Beautiful Tiny Home Front Porch Design For Inspiration

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4 of 21

Narrow land is not a reason to be lazy to decorate your house. Even though it belongs to narrow land, if it is decorated properly, this place will look tidy and comfortable to use. One of the house areas that mostly ignored its existence is the area of the front porch. The owner of the house is often only putting some chairs and even let the front porch empty without any furniture. Here are the best front porch designs that can beautify your house.

If you want to make a simple atmosphere, this minimalist front porch design with the chairlift is a correct choice. The shape which is unique can be a focal point in the area of the front porch without having to look excessive. Besides that, use the light colors overall that start from the wall, table, and floor.

Tumblr style is identical to the use of lights. This style can be applied to a minimalist front porch design. You do not need to use colorful light; it is enough to use minimalist chandelier with the yellow color and you can put these at the top of your front porch. To keep the privacy, you just need to hang the white cloth as a curtain in a certain area.

You can apply the Scandinavian style as a minimalist front porch design in a narrow land. Firstly, you should choose furniture made from the wood material. The decoration is enough with some small pot plants that filled with flowers or green plants in the border. To make it more comfortable and warmer, cover the chairs with a white or grey feather blanket.

These are the front porch design that you can apply in a minimalist area. If you want to make a green nuance, you can also make a front porch design that has a function as a mini garden in your home by adding some ornamental pot plants that neatly arranged.

image source : pinterest.com