10 Brilliant Simple DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas

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Wooden pallet has potential to turn into creative furniture. In fact, you may implement something that people do not think about when arranging this pallet. You do not need to worry when trying to make this pallet to be more functional. DIY wooden pallet will help to guide on how you make your own design. The idea is simple and applicable that you do not have issue to start on your own even though no experience in wood crafting.

At the first step, you should choose furniture that you need. This is the first step that people often forget. You then make something because there is a need. Wooden pallet is alternative you choose. You can try making furniture, such as coffee table, shoes organizer, bookshelves, and wine bar. Table is the easiest way due to less complex instruction and most people do not have issue in arranging it into table form. You only need to prepare pallet and put extra tabletop for cover. Without painting and extra decoration, wooden pallet table is ready and done.

You may transform wooden pallet into bench, stool, and chair. The bench is preferable due to easy to manage and configure. Outdoor bench often relies on leftover material, and this is where DIY wooden pallet comes into the right place. You need to prepare two pallets and put them together with additional cover on seating area. Add higher stand in each corner on this pallet to make stool. You put additional hand and back holder to turn stool into chair. Those are examples of furniture you can make using wooden pallet.

This pallet is useful for another purpose besides furniture. If you have tight space and want to make garden, this pallet can turn into hanging or vertical garden. Arrange some pallets as similar to racks or shelves. For usual gardening, DIY wooden pallet is suitable for soil container or pot. If you choose this one, you can add extra protection. The pallet must have enclosed perimeter and cover to keep soil.

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