28+ Best Small Kitchen Ideas And Designs For 2018

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For women, kitchen is the important part at home. Of course, it may not only be about women, since all people will agree that having the nice and comfortable kitchen is necessary. However, it may be quite tricky to have perfect kitchen in limited space. It is surely tricky and challenging, but still possible to do. For the references, these small kitchen ideas and designs can be your inspirations to decorate the small space into nice kitchen.

The first one is to have cubicle kitchen. As its name, it is a very small and simple kitchen. However, it is not only simple and efficient, but also attractive. The kitchen is designed as if it’s inside a cube, and the wall is painted in different color from the other parts of the room, so it emphasize the cubicle design. Then, since it has limited space, the kitchen has open shelves. These are more efficient in managing the space because you are not necessary to consider cabinet doors. Since sometimes people have to consider the space for opening door, it is better to remove it in order to get better space.

The next idea of small kitchen ideas and designs is about color combination. In fact, white always becomes the main color to pick when it has to deal with space. White is also good to show the minimalist, simple, and clean kitchen. However, single color can be boring. That’s why it can be combined with bright tone, such as yellow. It is a refreshing color and very suitable for the kitchen.

When those ideas are not enough, it is also possible to have the concealed kitchen. The kitchen appliances and the work space are concealed by using the separator or sliding door panels. This can be nice idea and even makes the house look futuristic. This one is one of the nice small kitchen ideas and designs to try.

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