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It is inevitable that the need for shelter is always increasing in any cities. Style model for them also become various. One of the most popular style models of the apartment is the studio apartment. A studio apartment only has some small spaces in one room, but it is multi-function purposes, and the price is very affordable. In this article, we will talk about the studio apartment decorating ideas on a budget.

The studio apartment has one weakness, it is in the space. Most people see the narrow shelter as a place that isn’t comfortable to live. But we all can outsmart it with to make the studio apartment look so spacious. We can design the apartment as our will and make it more stylish, cozy, and spacious.

If we talk about studio apartment decorating ideas on a budget, what passed in our mind first will be the wall paint. We have to choose a light and bright color because they can make an optic illusion in space term. While the dark color is more “closing” or getting narrow. If your apartment doesn’t get much sunlight during the day, it is suggested to use white color for the interior and light brown for the furniture.

It is suggested to use light and simple furniture to make an impression of a spacious room, open and bright. You can also use anything that reflects the light or transparent. It is also suggested to install open racks and shelves.

Using mirrors also do the work for studio apartment decorating ideas on a budget. Mirrors also able to make an optical illusion of spacious room. The bigger the mirror, then the better illusion they able to make. Not just that, mirrors can also reflect the light to make your studio apartment to look brighter.

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