35 Beautiful Diy Playground Ideas To Make Your Kids Happy Ideas

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In building and developing a home, you should not focus on the arena in the house alone. Areas outside the house, like the front garden or backyard you should also think about. Usually, the area in front of the house will be a garden to plant various flowers and ornamental plants that you like. How about the backyard? There are recommendations that you can apply, especially if you have children, namely the playground. If you have thoughts of making a playground in the backyard of the house will cost a lot, take it easy, you can make a DIY playground for your child.

Previously, you need to understand, why you should use your backyard to be a playground for your child. Children are a period where they have more energy for activities as well as for learning. The playground is one of the areas of children’s learning, especially in the aspect of creativity. Making a playground in your home will also make you less anxious because your child’s activities can be monitored at close range.

Making your playground is not difficult. Many DIY playground ideas can be developed using simple materials, such as wood and old tires. In the first example, you can make a seat made of tires by dividing the two tires and then implanting them in the ground. You can also make a swing from the used tire. You need to attach a strong holding pole, then use a rope to tie the tire to the pole, and be a simple swing.

You can also make a seesaw using used tires. Cut the tire in half, then look for long pieces of wood for the seesaw stand. Put the wood in one piece of tire then it becomes a simple seesaw. Creating a DIY playground can also be realized with the concept of a sandbox. How to make it is very easy; you only need to make an area to put a collection of sand and then given a wooden barrier. You can also make a simple stage with a collection of wood.

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