44+ Simple DIY Fairy Garden Design Ideas

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Making fairy gardens can give some relaxation and help adults to increase focus. For kids, playing with soil, mini plants, figurine, and accessories to build the garden miniature will stimulate their sensory and develop their imagination. A simple DIY fairy garden design can be grown on a container like wine barrels, tree stump, pots, or even on a cup. Sketch the layout of the fairy garden before starting to build it. Prepare small plants, woody herbs, and a tiny tree like bonsai that will become the focal point of your fairy garden.

Make a unique fairy garden by utilizing your broken pot. Use the broken pieces as accessories to create mini stairs to reach the top of the fairy garden. Fill every open space of the broken pot with small plants and pebbles or glass beads. Build the fairy house on the top using wood-textured sticks and stick moss as decorations to make it more natural. For the final touch, place one or two figurines as the fairy house “owner”.

You can use your old tea set for a simple DIY fairy garden design and place it in your kitchen for some eye refreshment. Choose the right cup size that will fit your fairy garden supplies. Fill your cup with small pebbles or crystal beads to reach the top then mount small plants. If you want your real plants to last longer, try to replace the pebbles with water beads that available in many colors. Put a fairy chair and decorate with mini mushroom figures to bring more fairy tale feelings.

Another creative idea for simple DIY fairy garden design is making the mini version of your own garden. This is actually fun and easy to do because you only have to create your house prototype and pick small parts of plants in your garden for the fairy garden. Make it even funnier with your family figurines doing activities in the fairy garden.

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