39+ Ghostly DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Halloween can be a stressful time of the year, especially if your neighborhood is all about embracing the festive day’s spirit. You can join the fun by creating DIY Halloween decoration items on your own instead of purchasing ones. Such handmade decorations are more unique and true to your character. Not to mention that they are quite affordable to make if compared to purchasing ready to use decorum.

The first idea is to decorate your throw pillows. You can use flannels to sew classic Halloween monster faces like scarecrow or zombie to the pillow cover. These customized pillow covers will make your living room looking more vibrant. The great thing about this idea is that you can store your covers then reuse them again in the next Halloween. It is certainly affordable to make.
The next DIY Halloween decoration idea is making Halloween themed garland to be placed at each door in your house. You can cut bat or pumpkin shaped papers then arrange them into long garland. It will instantly make your house looking more inviting. If your house is trick or treating destination, then little children would be more excited to come visiting you.

Ghost lantern is another item that you can make to enhance the festivity. You can use mason jar that is decorated with black beads for eyes and painted white in the sides. The next step is placing a light bulb in the mason jar. If it is lit up, the jar will look like a little ghost. You can place the ghost lanterns at the front lawn.

Another DIY Halloween decoration you can make is glow in the dark skeleton. You can print a skeleton pattern then paint it using special paint that will glow in the dark. This skeleton can be attached to your living room walls so when it is dark, the skeleton will glow.

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