40 Duo Sink Bathroom Vanities Ideas

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If you are sharing bathroom space with your partner, installing double sink might be a sound advice. It will be less hectic for both of you if have your own spot to get ready in the morning and unwind during the night. Is there any way that you can make your sink looking more interesting? You will get to know few ideas for duo sink bathroom vanities in this passage.

You can install floating shelves on the outer side of each sink. The shelving units do not have to be big. They should be just enough for you to keep your own bathroom equipment, such as perfume, makeup, or shaving tools. Having your own shelving unit helps you organizing your own belongings. Your morning will be less chaotic if you do not have to rummage through pile of bathroom items.

Another idea for duo sink bathroom vanities is installing LED light to surround your sink mirror. This idea solves the issue of not getting appropriate illumination in front of the sink. You will be able to get ready easier if you get enough lighting. For the sink mirror, you can place a large mirror that encompasses both of your sink space. That would certainly make your bathroom looking more spacious. Some people prefer to have individual mirror in front of each sink, though. It gives a semblance of privacy even if you are using the sink together.

Should you give a partition between both sinks? It is advised against using partition that will enclose each sink space, especially in small size bathroom. You can use more natural options to divide your space such as placing potted plant in the middle of your double sink. Having greens in your bathroom will also create a sense of freshness in it. You can also place aromatherapy in the middle of duo sink bathroom vanities.

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