30 Marvelous Shower Room Design Ideas

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Are you thinking to finally ditch your bath and get a shower room instead? Admittedly, considering how many benefits you might get for choosing this option, it is an idea that pretty hard to refuse. There are several advantages you would gain, such as more space to move around, larger area than ever to put storage solution and avoid clutters, and ability to design the room more freely. These shower room ideas will show how you can get incorporate the plan.

Having dedicated shower space may increase the lux level of the bathroom. A walk-in shower is the current trend that inspired by the spa center design. And luckily, there are numerous ways you are able to recreate the shower room to match with your personal needs and style. For example, adapting monochrome style would complement the modern overall style of the house. Combining Scandinavian aesthetic, warm wooden materials, with sleek sanitary-ware is a perfect idea to achieve minimalist looks.

Most shower room ideas below offer seamless and smooth transition between the shower area and the rest of bathroom due to the less of obstructions. It works so well for people who prefer minimalist and relaxing interior style. Not to mention, it is also perfect for children and elderly people because it is safer than conventional bathroom.

Keep in mind each design in this list of shower room ideas has its own pros and cons, as they have different construction regarding the materials used, furnishing placement, lighting, or wall paint color. For instances doorless or glass door design for walk-in shower, look clean and stunning, but provides less privacy for the users. Make sure that the style that you choose to go with suitable with all of your circumstances to create convenient and suitably ideal shower room of your dream.

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