19+ Dissimilar Kitchen Countertops Designs Ideas

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If you think that the kitchen is only a kitchen, then you need to consider that thinking. The longer, people will be very concerned with the appearance of their kitchen. Now, countertops are very popular in the cooking world. It will be suitable for you who love to cook and need a large space to prepare the ingredients or just want to put your kitchen utensil. But, before that, besides it will become the centerpieces, you also need to maximize the function of it or you can say it will be your working space. Here are the materials of kitchen countertops ideas for you.

Natural Stone When you see cooking programs on TV, you will often see it there because it is the common material used. The motif of the stone is the main attraction, especially with the shiny surface. It will make you want to cook immediately. The design is elegant and luxury. There are several types of stones, such as marble, granite, slate, and so many more.

Wood Wood kitchen countertops are really favored by a lot of people. Of course, it is the finished one. There are some arguments about the hygiene of wooden countertops, but it is already proved that it does not absorb bacteria and the bacteria will immediately die. It is also better than plastic countertops. There are two types of woods, you can choose whether you want it softwood or hardwood.

Crafted Glass Many of the things in this world are used from glass material. When you want to have the most hygiene countertops, crafted glass is worth to be on the list. This kind of material is usually resistant to the heat, approximately up to 700 degrees, and relatively stain-resistant.

All materials must have advantages, respectively, only you must be observant in choosing it. So, now you know the kitchen countertops ideas and go try them.

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