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The living room becomes a separate area in the house that we can freely design according to our living room decor ideas. Because the living room will indirectly describe our personality to outsiders who come to visit our home. This is reasonable because the living room is indeed a place to serve and entertain guests who come to the house so they must display a very good image.

A living room with the impression of luxury would certainly be the desire or taste of some people. Because the nature of luxury itself will make the atmosphere more comfortable and also comfortable when occupying it.

To get a luxurious living room, you don't need to have to use, place, or buy various luxury items to be placed in the living room to make it look luxurious, all you need is a living room decor ideas. You can do some basic tricks and techniques that can directly make your living room seem luxurious even if you don't use luxury items.

The basic thing you can consider is the use of color in the living room. The living room with neutral colors will create a calm, comfortable, and luxurious atmosphere because of the calm effect it brings. You can use cool, dark, or neutral colors later.

After that, you can also equip it with some furniture materials, such as lamps to create good lighting and a luxurious impression that you can mix with the color of your living room walls from your living room decorating ideas.

A variety of furniture in the living room can adjust to your wishes. If you prefer the impression of calm, then you can choose one color and contrast between the color of the wall and the color of other furniture. If you want to look crowded and luxurious, you can use a variety of furniture with bright colors.

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