90+ Elegant White Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

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2 of 91

White kitchen cabinet design is one of the most popular color ideas for designing a kitchen. White is a classic and timeless color choice. Also, this color can perfectly be matched with any pallet colors. The white color itself is a neutral color and able to create many kinds of displays for any kitchen styles. Not just that, the white color also symbolized independent of creations in design.

While all the kitchen is white, it is suggested that to use metallic colors for the stove and sink. Metallic colors are still one tone with the white color, so it will be a success to displays white kitchen cabinet design with some traditional accent.

The white kitchen is also suitable to use subway tiles motif for the wall's backsplash and solid surface countertop. Giving accessories to the sink will give a vintage display with some country taste.

Applying white color to the kitchen will give a casual and formal impression at the same time. But white color also has a disadvantage from a practical perspective. White will show dirt and stains more visible than any colors, and you will need a high amount of money for the maintenance and taking care of it. You also need to clean your kitchen routinely right after you finished cooking.

Actually, not just white kitchen cabinet design needs to take a good care of it, every kitchen with different colors too. If you still doubt about using a white color, you can just apply white colors to certain places. You can also apply other colors like pallets or gray. But for wise choice, it is suggested to use two different colors only, but they are still in the same color tone. Thanks to that, your kitchen will look very elegant and very harmonic for your family and guests.

image source : pinterest.com