130+ Best Kitchen Designs Ideas

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Having a small kitchen space should not deter you from getting the most out of it. You can still make your still highly functional and looking gorgeous at the same time by applying few kitchen design ideas as mentioned here. The first idea is related to the layout of your kitchen. You are recommended to arrange your kitchen in U-shape or L-shape structure. This will allow you to utilize a corner in your house for the kitchen.

The next idea would be to utilize your vertical space as much as possible. You can install overhead cabinet to store your cooking and dining utensils. In small space, open cabinet is more recommended because that will make your space looking larger. It also allows you to display your nicest dining ware. However, without careful arrangement, your kitchen would look messy easily. To prevent this, you can create a system to store your tools (e.g. pots and pans are stored using hooks on the wall while the bowls are kept piled up).

If you can manage to fit extra tabletop space in your kitchen, you can use it as your dining space. An example of kitchen design ideas for this is placing bar stools beside the kitchen island. In some urban houses, this space even becomes the main dining spot for the dwellers. Place fresh decorations such as fruit basket and potted plant on the island to make it livelier. Your decorations should not be too big, though.

For the lighting, you can opt for one main light in the middle of kitchen. A great sample of kitchen design ideas is installing statement lamp. You can opt for very bold design so that the lamp can be a focal point in the room. Adding extra lighting is important, especially around the space where you work at often.

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