25+ Best Toe Lavish Bathrooms Ideas

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For some people, having a luxurious bath is such a great experience to relieve all of the fatigue after a long day of work. Lavish bathroom ideas offer to bring the luxury into your bathroom through modern and luxurious design for whatever the size of your bathroom. The key to this design is using modern and minimalist furniture and layout.

For small bathrooms, look for lavish bathroom ideas that play tricks to give an expense effect to your bathroom. Using light colors also helps to create an effect of a wider room, for example you can try to use creamy tiles with large repeated luxurious pattern that will bring the effect of expense. You can even select different tiles under the same color tone to make the bathroom more amazing.

Another choice you have is using textured tiles with the same tone color. Place the texture in horizontal direction to get a longer look for the wall. Apply white color for the sink and bath tub, also the furniture. To make the bathroom livelier, put the lighting in warm ambience. Make the bath tub as the focal point by giving lighting under the bath tub. If you want the luxury come with more colors, try to apply tricolor geometric patterns that will still bring the simplicity to your bathroom. The pattern will create a statement colors to the plain room.

Spa-inspired decoration also works well for lavish bathroom ideas. Applying darker natural and earthy tones will bring another side of luxury to your bathroom. A concrete minimalist bath tub placed on black pebbles becomes stunning if you blend it with efficient modern-look faucets plus warm lighting in the bathroom. If you are lucky enough to have a little outdoor space outside the bathroom, make it as a pocket garden and place a glass door in your bathroom that opens up to the view.

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