34+Comfortable Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

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Farmhouse style brings a bit old traditional look to your house through the organic materials, but at the same moment it adapts the modern culture by the application of elegant neutral colors and modern designed furnishings. It is such a great decision to bring comfortable farmhouse living room ideas to your home since this room will become the core area for family activities besides kitchen.

One example of mixture between the past and the future in farmhouse style is placing your modern flat screen TV in a wooden frame that result a country look. You can choose to let it appear in natural color or paint it white for modern look. If you want some rustic touch, hang a boxwood wreath. Such a great balance between two different eras. Keep the tone of your living room neutral but make some combinations by using different shades or varying the texture. Covering the cushions with simple rustic patterns helps a lot to erase the plain.

Playing with coffee tables for creative comfortable farmhouse living room ideas will present a real farm house feeling in your living room. Try to replace your normal coffee table with a traditional steamer trunk. It has another function as storage too, so you won’t regret to put it. You may look for another DIY flat coffee table if you want a simpler look.

Since fireplace is the focal point of farmhouse style, decorating the mantle can be great for comfortable farmhouse living room ideas. Decorate it to create more farmhouse feeling with a different accent to catch attention. You can use a piece of old decorative items like an old window piece, old carriage wheels, etc. Fill mason jars with dried or fresh flowers depend on the accent you want and put them on the mantle along with some candlesticks.

image source : pinterest.com