21+ Amazing Classic Country Bathtub Ideas

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Which one of these classic country bathtub ideas that fit with your style and preferences? You can simply put a pedestal or farmhouse bathtub and mix and match the traditional wood elements to the bathroom to create a classic country style.

The farmhouse bathtub in the corner with lace shower and wooden flooring is the first idea to your country bathtub ideas. It is perfect to inspire very limited space in the bathroom. Add mirror right to the bathtub and choose stainless steel hardware to add classic style.

Another farmhouse bathroom style with antique big standing mirror put right in behind of the bathtub is the next idea to create classic country bathtub ideas design. The gold frame in the mirror adds classic and glamor to the room. Add a table to put a towel and toiletries in the corner to the bathtub.

A 1920’s bathtub with classic shower looks great in the corner of the bathroom. A wrought chandelier adds an antique look to the bathroom. Next is a pedestal standing bathtub that added with bathroom furniture of antique wood table and small table mirror. The Venetian mirror frame and the brass Greece god statue makes the antique classic style revealed well.

Stay with pedestal bathtub style, the combination of chess black and white flooring pattern with chrome bathtub and floor to ceiling drapery is glamor classic country bathtub ideas you can build. Painting in the wall makes the bathroom look awesome.

Add a contemporary look to the classic bathtub ideas with a farmhouse bathtub in a minimalist bathroom. The angled freestanding tub with brass claw foot is an element to add to the minimalist bathroom. Wood drawer and farm sink should add to add classic country style.

For those who love the all wood country style, then the farmhouse bathroom style with rectangle freestanding tub that framed with wood is a good idea. Add a retro or white and black photograph to add a sense of classic to your bathroom bathtub ideas.

image source : pinterest.com