65+ Nice Rustic Mediterranean Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

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There are so many house designs that are available in this world, one of the famous designs is Farmhouse. Farmhouse exterior design is suitable for the one who loves calm, comfort and romantic atmosphere in their house. The farmhouse is an exterior design that applies the atmosphere of rural area that is calm and blend with nature inside of the house. In their history, farmhouse or often called a rural house was combined with the animals' place. The house with this design is suitable to build in a rural area or around the farm.

Even though the farmhouse displays the atmosphere of a rural area, but this concept can be applied to those who live in the city. Here are the tips on how to get farmhouse exterior ideas that are warm and romantic.

To strengthen the atmosphere of this design, you can use these colors, such as brown, light yellow, white, brick, orange, and blue. These colors will give the impression of the farmhouse which is calm, warm and comfortable.

The use of wood material with the combination of the other modern furniture is the correct way. For the sofa, you can use the material made from the soft fabric with neutral colors. As a sweetener, the use of wood elements and plants can be applied in your house.

The farmhouse exterior is a design that exists with some furniture that emphasizes the natural elements. But the use of furniture with the natural element is changed, like with the additional paint. That is why the farmhouse style is a combination of natural and modern furniture.

The farmhouse exterior ideas look more stunning and amazing if you can add some furniture that characteristically related to the rural area such as the use of rattan and the use of the bricks that still have their original color. You can also add some natural stones in the way of your home or around your home.

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