70+ French Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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The most prominent characteristic of any country kitchen decor is the natural display and warmness. The French country kitchen decor is representing France countryside nature and also the condition of France in the past ages.

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in every house. Because of that, the kitchen should not be decorated in carelessly. The kitchen with epic interior design can be the most comfortable place for us. One of the interior design is the French country kitchen decor, very casual and suitable for any family.

The form of this kitchen is very natural and related to the color of the woods, especially on the cabinets. Usually, this kitchen has many profiles, indentations, and engraving on the surface of the woods, doorknobs, drawers, and more. We can meet this kind of kitchen in houses that also designed in the country style, or the house really built during the Mediterranean ages. This kind of kitchen is really unique as they’re not bonded by time since the Mediterranean ages.

To make them more authentic, you can put some old-styled trim and molding in the kitchen, such as installing a wide window frame with the edges. For the floors, you can use wooden floors or tile floors. And the cabinets, it is suggested to use pine or maple wood-based cabinets. Country kitchen decor usually uses open shelves and racks.

However, taking care of wood-based furniture can be difficult in French country kitchen decor maintenance. Several problems we usually face are molds and termites. For molds, it is suggested that not to make the room’s air damp, expose the room with sunlight from the windows. Termites also like dark and damp woods, but they can die burned by the sunlight. So basically, always expose your kitchen to the sunlight and don’t make the air damp.

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