140+ Inspiring Industrial Floating Desk Ideas

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If you want a desk, but with a minimalist concept or your space is limited, then you can consider using a floating desk. This floating desk is perfect for those of you who have a limited budget but need a new work desk. The floating desk is very flexible; you can install it in the room you want and very space-saving. If you want a more contemporary concept, then you can apply the concept of the industrial floating desk.

The characteristics used in this industrial floating desk are a frame to hold wood (which acts as a table mat) using a small iron pipe. The concept of industrial is identical to an empty warehouse. The use of iron materials, such as pipes, iron will strengthen the industrial feel that you apply. Choose iron pipes that are grey or black to better display a freer concept.

In addition to the iron pipe, the wood which is also used as a table mat must also be considered. It is recommended that you use or change the color of the wood to light brown. Don’t forget to smooth the wood and give it a glossy finish so the results are more beautiful. In addition to making a floating desk, you can also make a floating shelf to store your various book collections.

When applying an industrial floating desk (and floating shelf), choose a good and strong quality iron pipe so that it is not easy to shake by the burden that will be borne by the desk. The size will also affect this concept. Using a small iron pipe will be more suitable, but again, you must pay attention to the load.

In its application, floating desk ideas have 3 main functions. First is, of course, as your work table. The second is your dining table. To make it as a dining table, then you must position it in the kitchen or dining area. However, for efficiency and effectiveness, the kitchen is considered more suitable. And the last is as a place to store goods. Especially for storing goods, you can make a floating desk or floating shelf. However, for goods, it is more advisable to store it on a floating shelf so it is not easy to fall apart.

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