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Subway tiles are ceramics that have the form of a rectangle, which is similar to bricks that generally shine and remind you about the subway. Subway tiles available in so many colors, even though it is commonly white and it is really suitable to apply for every style, from the traditional one up to contemporary.

Subway tiles are commonly used or applied in the area of the bathroom. The reason why the white subway tile bathroom is commonly used in the bathroom is that it has white color and the model of tiles is in the form of a rectangle which makes the bathroom looks brighter and cleaner. Here are the tips to make your white subway tile bathroom more stunning.

Choose the subway tiles with the colors that little bit thick to add the soft texture. Even though it feels soft and not too much striking visually, but still gives the impression of clean and tempting. Commonly it is applied in the area of the shower bathroom.

To make the maximal impact, you can give a wide impression by using the subway tiles in the wall of your bathroom up to the area of your sink. The braver of its usage, and there it will be. If you can make a perfect bathroom design, you can use the white color as the main color of your bathroom, so that it will look gorgeous.

If you already bored with the white subway tile bathroom ideas, you do not have to use subway tiles in the whole area of your bathroom. You can limit the usage of subway tiles, and you can also limit on one side only and then contrast it with the tiles that have a thick pattern for the best result.

A white subway tile bathroom is one of the best choices that you can consider to use in your bathroom area. And surely you can also make the other version based on your taste.

image source : pinterest.com